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B.M.P Barcelona Meeting Point, a company subsidiary of El Consorcio de la Zona Franca de Barcelona (CZFB),is the organizing body of the Meeting Point exhibitions (Barcelona Meeting Point, Central Europe Meeting Point and Bucharest Meeting Point). Apart from its dynamic activity in the real estate and logistics sector, El Consorcio is a public body with a driving force in economic development in Barcelona. It manages, amongst other centres, the Barcelona Zona Franca Industrial Estate, with 250 companies located there, offering more than 45,000 direct job positions.

Barcelona Meeting Point is a monographic real estate exhibition that brings together the national and international real estate development industry at the Professional Exhibition and the General Attendance Exhibition, as well as the Symposium.

At the Professional Exhibition, the visitor can become acquainted with the latest projects and services from a wide range of companies related to real estate, from real estate development companies, public institutions, project management companies, real estate intermediaries and representatives, architects, engineers, consultancies and lawyers’ offices, building companies, investment societies, financial bodies, technical magazines, real estate webs, professional associations, insurance companies, etc. This exhibition is 50% occupied by national companies and 50% by international companies and has more than 250 exhibitors.

The General Public exhibition is designed so that the man in the street, not the professional, may find all the services and products which the real estate sector puts at his disposal, to satisfy both his needs and his investments. So, he can find anything from first and second residence housing to commercial premises, offices and garages, industrial warehouses, plots of land, chalets, etc., either for rent or for sale. He can compare mortgage loans, become acquainted with existing insurance and valuations, etc.

The BMP Symposium, addressed to the professionals of the real estate sector, puts at their disposal more than 40 sessions and more than 130 speakers from 16 countries, about sustainability, marketing techniques, emerging markets, Shopping Centers and financing.