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Richmond Green Group and Magyar Ingatlan Tanács have reached a collaboration agreement


Richmond Green Group and Magyar Ingatlan Tanacs have reached a collaboration agreement whose objective is to reinforce to Magyar Ingatlan Tanacs, as real estate association leader in Hungary between more than 55 000 international real estate professionals who every year receive publications of the group as much printed as online and that they participate in the fair OPP Live that every year is organized in London.


The Richmond Green Group is a company whose Core business is to help the promoters to contact with main brokers, intermediaries, independent consultants of investment, financial advisers and really any professional involved in the sale of houses in international markets of England, Ireland, Scandinavia, Central Europe, Russia and the countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States.


The platforms of the group are the following:


OPP Live (B2B): London, 25-26 of November. 200 Exhibitors. But of 40 represented countries and than 3000 agents visiting it more. www.opplive.org.uk


OPP Magazine the International (B2B): With but from 15,000 readers and 5000 subscribers. OPP Magazine it arrives at the best agents and brokers to him from the main buying markets, which are dedicated on sale of properties outside their country of origin.


OPP Newsletter and OPP Website (B2B): 55,000 professionals of the sector receive the Newsletter of the mensualmente.www.opp.org.uk Group. But of 20 000 monthly unique visits to the page Web


OPP Russia: Received by but from 4000 real estate agents and professional of the sector interested in the commercialization of houses in international markets. At the moment it counts with more than 6000 registered to the Newsletter that is sent monthly to the Russian market. www.oppmag.ru.


From Magyar Ingatlan Tanacs we did not want to let pass to the opportunity to offer the tools to them that the Richmond Green Group makes its available to contact with brokers and agents of these markets through the platforms of the group, and to inform to them that during days 25 and 26 of November we will be in OPP Live in London participating in the cycle of conferences of OPP Live 08.



Federation of Hungarian Real Estate Associations