About Us



The Hungarian Real Estate Council – the Federation of Hungarian Real Estate Associations (hereinafter referred to as MIT) was founded on 1 April 2005 in Budapest. It is practically a union of Hungarian real estate civil organisations sharing professional values and ideas. The Association\’s aim is to increase the trade\’s public prestige and to provide it with a unified professional and general representation.


The Association’s management:

President: Dr. József Sztranyák
Vice-Presidents:  Dr. Ágnes Bék, Dr. Kázmér Kardos, Dezső Keresztély, Gábor Vitárius
Other members of the Committee: Farkas Tamás, dr. Horváth Csaba, Rajczi József, Vass Ferenc, Vágner Adrienn, Végső Tibor
Secretary general:
Dr. Katalin Vígh
Strategy Advisor: Gergely Osadcow
Financial Advisor: János Kovács
Professional Advisor: Miklós Németh Dr.
PR and Communication Advisor: Viktor Merker

MIT operates in a most democratic structure – each organisation has a delegation of 3 representatives who meet at general assemblies and have equal voting rights in decision making. Generally a five-member Presidency consisting of a president and four vice-presidents manages the Association. The Presidency\’s work is supervised by a three-member Supervisory Committee. In order to ensure more efficiency, a Professional Advisor is responsible for professional matters, and a Financial Advisor for financial matters, while all strategy issues are managed and developed by a highly prestigious Strategy Advisor.


It seems that we have managed to prioritise the most important real estate trade issues emerged in recent years at our general assemblies and in our daily work. The number of our members and cooperating partners has steadily increased.


As regards our government relations, we have signed a cooperation agreement with the National Housing and Construction Office (OLÉH) and established global cooperation at a higher government level with the Prime Minister’s Office, represented by Mr. István Kolber, Minister without portfolio. Since the government restructuring measures of summer 2006, real estate trade supervision is carried out by Dr. Sándor Bujdosó, state secretary with a special responsibility at the Ministry of Local Government. Our relations have continuously evolved, resulting in MIT being acknowledged by the government as an official representative of the real estate trade.


We have successfully organised three major events that represent milestones on the road to professional acknowledgement: the R+D Conference organised in the local government sector, the opening event of the European Technology Platform: Focusing on cities, buildings and construction, and we organised the 2nd Conference of the Hungarian Real Estate Parliament, whose coordination and secretarial tasks between the two sessions were also carried out by us. These tasks involve organising regional parliamentary sessions all over the country, we also operate 10 sections (see http://www.ingatlanparlament.hu/), and we represented Hungary with success at the international real estate conferences and fairs, like BEX, SIMA and BMP.


The Association’s aim is to increase the profession\’s prestige in society and to provide it with a unified professional and general representation;
and in particular to:

facilitate the creation of an autonomous real estate chamber based on individual membership; initiate, maintain and develop international relations; represent the Hungarian real estate trade; facilitate the exchange of experiences and the improvement of knowledge; improve the quality of real estate education and training and establish the focal points of the set of requirements for real estate studies; establish regular and good relationships with Hungarian economic actors, representative bodies of related professions, the media, government actors, relevant authorities and other organisations – with special regard to defending the profession and society at large against the activities of the real estate mafia; analyse Hungarian and foreign real estate trade methodologies; develop joint actions and procedures while retaining the professional autonomy of the individual organisations.

The Association is solely interested in real estate related policy, and it is ready to contribute its know-how to help social and economic progress.


Member organisations:

  • BISZ Budaőrsi Ingatlan Szövetség
    Elnök: Vágner Adrienn +36 20 349 1212
  • ET Egyesület a Társasházakért
    Elnök: dr. Izsák Orsolya +36 30 201 0434
  • IGE Ingatlangazdálkodók Egyesülete
    Elnök: Vitárius Gábor, tel.: 257-4025
  • IME Ingatlanosok Magyarországi Érdekképviseleti Egyesülete
    Elnök: Dr. Kardos Kázmér, tel.: 326-8252
  • LÉTÉSZ Lakásszövetkezetek És Társasházak Érdekképviseleti Szakmai Szövetsége
    Elnök: Ujj Attila, tel.: 220-6513
  • LOSZ Lakásszövetkezetek és Társasházak Országos Szövetsége
    Elnök: Farkas Tamás +36 30 933 7015
  • MIGSZ Magyar Ingatlan- és Létesítmény-gazdálkodók Szövetsége
    (korábban: Magyar Ingatlan-gazdálkodók Szövetsége)
    Elnök: Keresztély Dezső, tel.: 06/30/9642-537
  • MIOSZ Magyar Ingatlanközvetítők Országos Szövetsége
    Elnök: Osadcow Gergely, tel.: 06/30/9900-409
  • TTOE Társasházak és Társasházkezelők Országos Egyesülete
    Elnök: Dr. Bék Ágnes, tel.: 250-8682


Cooperating partners:

  • Allianz HB Rt.  Allianz-Hungaria Biztosító Rt.
  • BCE Budapesti Corvinus Egyetem Közgazdasági Továbbképző Intézet
  • BEX The Building Exchange
  • BHKE Banki Hiteltanácsadók és Kihelyezők Egyesülete
  • BKIK Budapesti Kereskedelmi és Iparkamara
  • BMP S.A. Barcelona Meeting Point
  • BME MTI Budapesti Műszaki Egyetem Mérnöktovábbképző Intézet
  • ÉMI Építésügyi Minőségellenőrző Innovációs Nonprofit Kft.
  • Energetikai Kiadó Energetikai Kiadó Kht.
  • ETK  Önkormányzati KLUB
  • ÉTK Építésügyi Tájékoztatási Központ
  • FÜTI Omega Kft.  FÜTI OMEGA Oktatási Központ Kft.
  • Horvát Gazd. Kamara  Ingatlanosok Kereskedelmi Egyesülete
  • INGATLANiskola Home Promotion Kft.
  • MIKSZ Miskolci Ingatlanközvetítők Szövetsége
  • MALOSZ Magyar Lakásépítők Országos Szövetsége
  • LAB E Lakásbérlók és Lakók Egyesülete
  • MBSZ Magyar Bevásárlóközpontok Szövetsége
  • MIK Magyar Ingatlanklub
  • NymE-GEO Nyugat-magyarországi Egyetem Geoinformatikai Kar
  • PISZ Pécsi Ingatlan Szövetség
  • RGG Richmond Green Groups – OPP Live08
  • SHENZEN Város Nanshan Kereskedelmi és Ipari Hivatala (Kína)
  • VODAFONE Vodafone Magyarország
  • VOSZ Vállalkozók és Munkáltatók Országos Szövetsége


Supporting members:

  • Rajner Adótanácsadó Kft.
  • Thermo ÉPGÉP
  • Első Magyar Bérlakásépítő Klaszter

All new member organisations, cooperating partners and supporting members are welcome, and as we know that our members\’ tireless work makes us an inevitable (f)actor in Hungarian economic and political life and an acknowledged professional partner, our enlargement potential is unlimited.
If you have any further questions or comments, don\’t hesitate to contact us by calling +36 20 96 51 961 (mobile) or the secretariat of MIT member organisations at jozsef.sztranyak.dr@magyaringatlantanacs.hu Our website is at http://www.magyaringatlantanacs.hu.


Budapest, 29 December 2012

Kind regards,
Dr. József Sztranyák
the President of MIT